Arteza Markers

2020-01-25-Arteza2020-01-25-Tombow-4-webI recently received a gift of some Arteza Brush Pen Markers.  These are described as Blendable Water-Based Ink.  You may have seen ads for this product all over social media.  Normally I am suspicious of such ads, but after meeting a fellow artist who had ordered some, I put these on my wishlist as well.

Well!  I can report that I am very impressed with this product.  I made a color chart of the 48 pen set, and it is so much more vibrant than my Tombow Dual Brush pens.  The difference is stunning.

What happens down the road remains to be seen.  My experience with markers is that they tend to dry up, especially if you do not use them often.  And I have a bad habit of doing chores instead of artwork.  But I cannot deny the initial quality of the Arteza Brush Pens.


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