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My Blog has moved

Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading this blog and putting up with the embedded advertisements. As you may know, advertising is the way many hosts can offer free blogs and web pages.

However, as one of my “pandemic projects”, I have finally gotten a great start on my new “paid for” website. It isn’t free for me, but I hope you will appreciate reading without advertising.

To visit my new blog, please go to my Blog at (nunziata.com/home/blog/)

Still on my TO DO list is to move this blog archive to my new site. If you know of any plug-ins that do this seamlessly, I would appreciation knowing. The built-in WordPress tool, moves the text but it doesn’t fix the links, so to fill in the images, it comes back here. I haven’t had time to research blog moving tools as I have been busy doing this:

Paint along with Fealing Lin , California Watercolor Association April 2021 zoom meeting

Thanks for your interest!

~ Ann