The art of Ann Nunziata is inspired by the natural world around her.  As a self-taught artist who took up art naturally after a career at Apple Computer, she has always been interested in creating.  “I love observing nature”, she says, “and it really is true that you look at things differently with an artists perspective.”

Anns current artistic interest is impressionistic painting.  She particularly admires the French impressionists and the expressive style of Alvaro Castagnent.  Ann is currently focused on watercolor applied to alternative surfaces such as rice paper and polypropylene (Yupo).  She also enjoys pastel painting and photography.

Ann prefers to be outdoors, so it’s no surprise that she likes to spend time gardening, camping and sailing.  For the past several summers, Ann and her husband have navigated their sailboat from Toronto out the St. Lawrence Seaway and throughout the Canadian Maritimes as far north as Newfoundland. They sailed the eastern coast as far south as South Carolina and then across the Atlantic to several of the Bahamian Island chains before returning to Florida. Their boat is currently in Anacortes awaiting future adventures on Puget Sound.

Ann is currently a member of the Napa Valley Art Association, the California Watercolor Society, the Pastel Society of the West Coast and the Napa-Solano Audubon Chapter.  Ann lives with her husband on their farm in Napa, California.