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Visit Your Local Fair


my California Quail, watercolor batik, 18″ x24 “

Summer is winding down but you may still have time to visit a local fair.  These fairs bring back happy memories from my childhood (3-legged race, anyone?)

The Napa Town & Country Fair is open now through Sunday August 12th.  I noticed several members of the Napa Valley Art Association are exhibiting in professional art including yours truly. 

I was happy to may my California Quail recognized for Fifth place in multi-media.  It really is watercolor, but I entered it in multimedia since it’s adhered to a board with acrylic matte medium.

The professional art division along with all Senior divisions is exhibited in Chardonnay Hall.  The fair is open daily from noon to 10 pm, closing at 9pm Sunday.  


Available Artwork


Western Bluebird

Several friends told me that the library hasn’t been able to give them my contact information or info on potential artwork purchases, so I’ve just updated my Gallery page.

The images on my Gallery page currently represent the original artworks in my recent exhibit at the Napa County main library.  All of this artwork is part of my Watercolor Batik series.  Watercolor Batik is watercolor on a rice paper ground with wax used as a resist.  The rice paper is then mounted on wood panels and protected with satin varnish.



Cascade Falls


Cascade Falls

I don’t think this was the actual Cascade Falls of Moran State Park, but it is a pretty little waterfall that flows out of Cascade Lake in the park and down into Cascade bay.

We had a lovely time moored just off this little waterfall and also visiting Rosario and the historic home of shipbuilder and a former Seattle governor,  Robert Moran.  The construction is impeccable and “ship-shape”.  Just one example- the interior doors are two inch thick solid Honduras mahogany which is not as red as Phillipine mahogany and probably totally unavailable for modern construction

FYI- Rosario is a popular spot on Orcas Island.

Western Bluebird


Western Bluebird

The beautiful blue-and rust Western Bluebird is actually a small thrush.  They swoop over open fields to catch insects.  They can also be attracted to backyard feeders with mealworms.

The bills of Western Bluebirds are not equipped to dig their own nest holes, so the presence of cavities in trees or posts, old woodpecker holes or nest boxes are very important.  When building or purchasing a nest box for a bluebird, make sure you have the correct entrance hole size;  the diameter is different for the eastern bluebird.

You can read about Western Bluebird nest boxes at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology NestWatch site.

Woodpecker Specimen- Nuttall’s


Woodpecker Specimen- Nuttall’s

This female Nuttall’s Woodpecker was the unfortunate victim of a window collision.  Up to 1 billion birds die from window strikes in the U.S. each year, according to a 2014 study. 

To reduce bird strikes, it is suggested to remove all bird attractants near the windows, carefully place bird feeders, or to partially cover the windows.  Remedies are available according to the Bird Collisions Program of the American Bird Conservancy. The group offers extensive information on preventing collisions on its website.