Preparing Images with an iPhone

The iOS is the operating system that controls the Apple iPhone.  In this article I investigate whether an artist can complete the image requirements for Open Studios Napa Valley using only an iPhone.  My initial answer is “not entirely”.
The Call For Entry(CaFe) system allows you to upload images to a Portfolio.  These images stay in your account and can be then be selected to be part of any Calls for Art, including OSNV 2017.
First, we need to understand the digital image submission requirements.  The CAFE portfolio image requirement is that the dimensions be a minimum of 1920 pixels on the longest side and the image be less than 5MB in size.  OSNV has the additional requirement that the image for the catalog must be 7 inches by 300 or 2100 pixels on the longest side.  In addition, the title of that image must be CATALOG-FirstInitial.LastName, i.e. CATALOG-A.Nunziata.
I won’t go into how to take the photo.  Most smart devices are fairly good at adjusting lighting, but you will need an app or apps that can do the following:
  • Cropping
  • Lighting Adjustment
  • Resizing
  • Renaming
  • Uploading
Most apps, including the default Apple Photos have cropping and Light adjustments.  The difficulty with using an iPhone to prepare images for the Call For Entry (CaFe) online application has to do with resizing and then renaming the image.  The iOS does not give you the ability to access the file name or size.  However, you can almost get the job done with applications or “apps” from vendors other than Apple.
I found Dropbox to be the easiest way to rename the file. You can open or share the image to Dropbox and then Dropbox allows you to rename it. Note that the file Name is not the same as the file Title.  Lightroom allowed me to add an image title, but the filename was still IMG_6577.jpg.
My problem was that I could not find an app to resize the image.  I tried Adobe’s PS Express, and Lightroom apps and also many others including PicMonkey, PhotoToaster, and SnapSeed.  SnapSeed was the only app that had the ability to resize the image, but the choices were limited to very specific sizes.  You can choose 1920 pixels on the longest side, which matches the CAFE requirements exactly, but you cannot choose 2100 pixels to meet the OSNV requirement.
So, in conclusion, the Apple iOS is not conducive to resizing images.  There may be an app out there that can do it, but I gave up after trying many of them unsuccessfully.  I welcome any comments my readers may have on apps that may be able to resize images.

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