W&N Masterclass Videos

Just a note to say you might find the Winsor & Newton Masterclass videos interesting.

Those of you who know me know that I’m an art supply junkie. Recently I subscribed to the Winsor & Newton Masterclass, Learning Tools for Artists. Naturally, W&N has produced these vides to promote their own materials, but I often learn something new.

The most recent installment is titled masterclass|Professional Water Colour Markers. I’ll let you follow the link to see for yourself, but in this short 2 minute video, I noted two details of interest.

One was that the marker can be inserted directly into the water to thin the color. That surprised me since most other nib type markers I’ve tried seem to completely stop working when you get them wet.

The other was that they seemed to suggest that a sized paper is desirable to keep the nib marks from showing. Visible marking has been one of the objections I have to using markers, so this comment caught my interest.  And I know that many artists actually soak their papers to remove the sizing, so this is certainly noteworthy.

I’d already found these markers an excellent tool to use in the damp environment on our sailboat, so I plan to experiment further with these markers en plein air and in the studio.

Here is a sketch I posted earlier at Anthony’s Cabana in Anacortes while waiting for our tasty salmon and chips.

plein air materials

India Ink and W&N watercolor markers

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